Steel Inventory 2.6

Steel Inventory 2.6

Track any change in any equipment of your network with this program
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In this world of rapid changes, you wouldn’t like that someone else changes or steal your hardware without you even notice. Also, how many times your systems department have to deal with unwanted software installed by users in the workstations of your organisation?
Even more, how much money and time are you willing to lose due to these situations? With this simple but very effective program you will get a detailed inventory of each computer and hardware in your network, the programs installed on each one, the hot fixes available for that software, the shared resources and the chance to get alerted if something changes.
Want more? The software can be configured to audit your network according to your choices and completely unattended by you or your staff, and take snapshots of the status of each equipment showing changes. Everything is done almost instantly.
Your systems personnel can generate a report for you with the results of the audit process. They can choose an html format, an xls or even a csv. The program will allow them to create a report for hardware, another one for software and other for the hot fixes available for that software.
Steel Inventory follows simple auditing methods to scan the computers connected in your network for hardware and software configurations. It helps you in finding out easily how many of the software installations are done for a program and in how many hosts those are installed. In this way, you will easily meet the licensing requirements from most developers.
This application only needs to be installed in one single station, because the audit is made centrally from this station through the network.
With this software, your team will be sure to count with an updated system for their work, both in hardware and software. You will easily detect any employee installing software that could be harmful for your organisation, removing hardware from the computers or sharing information outside your company that could cost you a fortune.
Steel inventory is intended for organisations, so the start price licensing is for organisations with up to one hundred employees. This doesn’t mean that you can't use the software if you have a smaller organisation.

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Eduardo Trejo
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